Reza's Mustache Post-Mortem: 'He Was Like My Wing Man'
Would You Ever? // 08.29.14 // Add Comment
Reza Farahan let Bethenny shave off his famous mustache for charity… but how did he really feel about it? We went backstage to see if he was keeping a stiff upper lip. (We were just surprised to see he even had one!)
Bethenny's Look of the Day: Kate Spade and Milly!
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Learn about the designers behind Bethenny's outfit! 
Bethenny vs. Reza's Mustache: Watch Her Shave It Off!
Talk Bethenny // 08.29.14 // 2 Comments
When "Shahs of Sunset" star Reza Farahan appeared on the show in November, he promised Bethenny he'd let her save off his mustache for charity. Little did he realize, Bethenny had every intention of calling in that promise!
Yvette Nicole Brown and Online Dating Don't Mix!
Ask Bethenny // 08.29.14 // 1 Comments
"Community" star Yvette Nicole Brown hilariously tells Bethenny about her reluctance to pursue online dating as a public person, then tells our audience she is not the kind of girl who hooks up.
Lose Weight This Year with These Five Tips!
Tips & How-Tos // 08.29.14 // 1 Comments
Learn about David's diet tips and why the 8-hour diet may be the right one for you this year! 
Tips on How to Turn Off Your Food Noise
Try This // 08.28.14 // 3 Comments
How do you conquer food noise? It's a journey you take one step at a time.
Hashtag-nado! Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About #Hashtags
Trends // 08.28.14 // Add Comment
Hashtags are amazing curation devices to gather similar themes on social media… we use them so often, it's hard to remember when we started, and harder to imagine a time when we would give them up!
Where Do Hashtags Come From?
Too Afraid 2 Ask // 08.28.14 // Add Comment
Well, they weren't brought by the stork.
Lisa Rinna's Hot Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life
In the Bedroom // 08.28.14 // 4 Comments
Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin know how to keep romance alive — they've been together almost 21 years! Lisa shares the tips and tricks that keep her marriage alive, so you can help spice up yours.
Paula Lost 100 Pounds Living the 'Skinnygirl' Way!
Paula read Bethenny's book, "Naturally Thin," and decided to take her rules to heart. After losing 100 pounds, she tweeted Bethenny and appeared on the show to tell her story! 
Take the Leap! Aerial Yoga Studios Around the Country
Yoga // 08.28.14 // 6 Comments
Were you inspired by Lisa Rinna and Bethenny to try aerial yoga? Here is a list of several studios that offer it around the country. 
Girlfriend Fights: Tips on How to Deal
Friendship // 08.28.14 // 2 Comments
We collected tips from real women on "bethenny" who shared their unfiltered feelings about how to handle girlfriend fights and end up stronger friends!
Workin' It!: Hottest Must-Try Fitness Trends
Yoga // 08.28.14 // 1 Comments
Bethenny and her close girlfriend Lisa Rinna recently let it all hang out, giving aerial yoga a try. What's the hottest new fitness trend in your town?
Lisa Rinna Joins Bethenny in the Smilebooth
Smilebooth // 08.28.14 // 1 Comments
Bethenny had her good friend Lisa Rinna on the show, and couldn't resist a trip into the Smilebooth!
How to Make Guilt-Free Fried Chicken, with QVC's David Venable
Recipes // 08.28.14 // 6 Comments
QVC's David Venable dropped by to show Bethenny the skinny version of the ultimate comfort food; fried chicken with mashed potatoes.
Spaghetti Squash, A Healthy Twist on Pasta
Recipes // 08.28.14 // 3 Comments
Are you craving pasta but don't want to bank the calories? Try this light and easy spaghetti squash recipe from Bethenny.
Bethenny's Look of the Day: A Gold Blazer
Look of the Day // 08.27.14 // 2 Comments
Looking for some holiday outfit inspiration? Check-out today's look!